Start Building A Culture Of Greatness With The 7 Day Greatness Chair Challenge
For a school, greatness is often reflected in metrics around student achievement. I believe to reach that goal, we need to back up a step and create a culture of greatness. This culture asks us to help children see and lean into their unique strengths. True achievement flows from inner strength. Children grow inner strength when they feel seen, heard and understood, without fear, judgment or being labeled.

Why Download This Free PDF To Begin The Journey To Greatness?

Help your students to feel seen, heard and understood without judgment or diagnostic labels

Reduce the mental burnout teachers are facing, to improve their energy, efficiency and reduce their turnover

Bring back play and joy to your school mission and classrooms 


I am Dr. Kathleen Friend M.D.

And I have a bold vision- to put a million children in the Greatness Chair. Over the past 30 years, I have worked as a Psychiatrist helping parents and children improve their well-being and functioning. Several years ago, I became so disenchanted with traditional psychiatric practice and knew it was insufficient to help children grow into their full potential. I was patching things up with a bandaid at best. Standard psychiatric practice focuses on what's "wrong" with the child -- not what makes them shine. I wanted to bring something better to offer all those who work with children, specifically those in the school systems.
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